Gidaarka Baarliin ‘The wall of Berlin’ – A poem about the ‘Nabsi’ that befell the city of Berlin

A poem on the concept of 'Nabsi' in the Somali tradition. Nabsi or the 'equalizer' can be viewed as something similar to divine retribution or even 'Karma'. In this poem Cabdullaahi Qarshi discusses the Berlin Wall as a form of Nabsi. Musa Haji Ismail Galal states the following about the context of this poem "In Berlin, The Berlin Conference of 1884-5 was a turning point in the European nations squabble over Africa. The great powers - Britain, France, Portugal, Germany and Belgium (in the person of King Leopold who was working to obtain a personal empire) - realised at this conference that there was nothing for it but a rapid partition of Africa between them. The scramble for territories had begun.Ironically, the very city in which Africa was divided up is now itself divided. The reference is to the Berlin Wall built in 1961 to separate the Eastern and the western sectors of the city."
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