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I usually use an App called Overcast to download podcasts but there are other similar ones on the App Store, Andriod etc. This app allows you to subscribe to podcasts, this means any new episode will be automatically downloaded via the app. You can also delete the podcast episode once you have finished listening. This is a more efficient way of listening to podcasts without having to go to several different websites etc..


The Abwaan Chronicles Podcast – focuses on topics related to the life experiences and identity of Muslim/Somali/Western third culture kids.

Socotra podcast (Via soundcloud) A relatively new podcast from a group of boys from North London. They Discuss issues that affect the Somali community in Britain ( Education, identity etc)

The Maandeeq Podcast – This podcast features a different topic for discussion each episode, and covers a selection of current events and happenings in the Somali territories and diaspora, the latest in #CadaanStudies (racism within academia)


The Africa Program (Centre for Strategic and International Studies) – Another interesting podcast that looks at things from an American foreign policy perspective.(AFRICOM, China’s impact on Africa etc)

Africa Business Radio – Another podcast on African business developments, there isn’t much on East Africa but they do discuss interesting developments within the continent.

African Studies Centre (Oxford University) – Academic podcast on the latest things taking place in Africa. A bit of a heavy listen but it’s important for understanding how policy is shaped.


How I Built this with Guy Raz Good business podcast, they usually interview a founder of a famous company.. good insights on the ups and downs of starting something from scratch.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint – African American business podcast on starting small business etc. although he usually speaks within the context of America, there are some interesting lessons to take from this. This is relevant to minorities who want to start some sort of business etc.. A lot of content on online businesses etc.

Business wars – Interesting podcast on competition between majors companies etc.. Adidas v Nike, Red bull v Monster.. decent listen only about 20mins per episode. Very entertaining all round.

The East Africa Business Podcast A good podcast by some white guy, he interviews different business owners/ Start ups within East Africa. Usually from Kenya, Uganda etc with the occasional mention of Ethiopia, Somalia etc.. good place to gain ideas etc

The smart passive Income Blog – Decent podcast on ways of generating passive income.. Some useful tactics on hustling online.


The askHistorians podcast (Via Reddit)– They have decent discussions on history. I listened to a recent one on Algeria and counter-insurgency (Algerian war of independence etc).

In our time (BBC Radio 4) Very good podcast on different historical figures and movements, usually 30 mins per episode.They usually have some sort of academic to discuss each topic in detail.. Topics and historical figures are not restricted to those who hail from the Western tradition, Previous epodes included Ghazali, Mamluks, Murabituun Movement etc


The art of manliness – SelpHelp type podcast on various topics, they usually have a different author on the show.. decent topics although the self-help industry has become a bit saturated. This is a decent listen once in a while.

The Guardian’s Audio Long reads – This is the audio version of the Guardian newspaper’s long read section. Usually this section is a long article on the guardian website. 

Halfcast Podcast – UK urban podcast, although they usually talk about the grime/music scene at times they talk about issues such as knife crime etc..Its a good place to keep your ears to what’s going on in the streets in London.

Novara Media Very leftist independent media organisation- They discuss a lot of issues such as racism, capitalism etc.

Under the skin with Russel Brand – Good podcast with Russel Brand,, usually has interviews with interesting people such as Adam Curtis, Jordan Peterson etc.. Serious discussions.

Muslim Lifestyle 

The Mad MamluksDecent podcast for Muslims living in the West (Although at times it is a bit Asian (Desi) orientated, there is general benefit to be had for muslims of all backgrounds). They usually speak on trending topics within the muslim community. They also interview prominent members of the muslim community such as Imaams etc..

Mohamed Ghilan A good podcast by a brother in America, he often discusses religion, philosophy, society and culture. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea but the topics are generally thought-provoking.

Please share your recommendations in the comments section below!

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