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If you were to die! At times death is preferable to life – A reflection from the ‘endz’ through the words of Salaan Carrabey.

The council estates of London with their sprawling tower blocks were never an easy place to grow up. Many of us can remember climbing the piss stained staircases with the family groceries. In those days, you were just grateful if your block had an elevator otherwise you had the unenviable task of climbing 6 flights of stairs, it was preferable to carry all your shopping in one go because if you left anything behind, you might come back to find

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The Destruction of the Galool Tree – Dr. Hussein Abdullahi Bulhan

"The public is unaware of the manmade environmental degradation of their land. Worse, neither the government nor private sector takes action to save the trees by ending the cutting of fresh trees, providing an alternative source of fuel to save public dependence on charcoal, encouraging and enabling communities to plant trees, or setting effective policy to preserve a green and healthy environment. Failing to do this, as they continue to do so, how can one expect that they will prevent foreign companies dumping toxic and radioactive waste from their shores and hinterland?" - Dr. Hussein Abdullahi Bulhan
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Gidaarka Baarliin ‘The wall of Berlin’ – A poem about the ‘Nabsi’ that befell the city of Berlin

A poem on the concept of 'Nabsi' in the Somali tradition. Nabsi or the 'equalizer' can be viewed as something similar to divine retribution or even 'Karma'. In this poem Cabdullaahi Qarshi discusses the Berlin Wall as a form of Nabsi. Musa Haji Ismail Galal states the following about the context of this poem "In Berlin, The Berlin Conference of 1884-5 was a turning point in the European nations squabble over Africa. The great powers - Britain, France, Portugal, Germany and Belgium (in the person of King Leopold who was working to obtain a personal empire) - realised at this conference that there was nothing for it but a rapid partition of Africa between them. The scramble for territories had begun.Ironically, the very city in which Africa was divided up is now itself divided. The reference is to the Berlin Wall built in 1961 to separate the Eastern and the western sectors of the city."
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An advice to Somalis in the west: Love yourselves!

In a utopian society where everyone is Muslim and race does not matter, the Somali would perhaps not need such a strong sense of identity. However no such utopia exists, instead, we find ourselves in an era in which ‘identity politics’ is constantly played out in the media. For Somalis in the West, the issue of ‘belonging’ has never been more paramount. Before we diagnose our problem it is important to first go over some home truths so that we do not lie to ourselves any further.
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Carl has not left you – Deconstruction of a poem by Guhaad Cabdi Gahayr

This poem was recited shortly after the independence of Somalia at a place known as Beerta Xoriyada (Freedom Park) in the city of Hargeisa. The stage is set and Somalis are in a euphoric state after emancipation from the British. One man is not impressed with the proceedings, in our attempt to deconstruct his poem we will explore why that is. What did he see all those decades ago and has anything really changed?
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Scramble for the land- Deconstruction of a poem by Faarax Nuur- Part 3

In part 3 of our series exploring the poetry of Faarax Nuur, we delve into themes related to integrity in an age where people sell their land and honour for a meagre price. We will also explore how societal segmentation leads to the population adopting a mental state of 'defeatism' and how this creates an environment ripe for corruption.
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