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The Qudhac tree, which also goes by the botanic name ‘Acacia Tortilis’ is found across Africa and is also predominant in the Somali regions. Trees have a special place in Somali society and the Qudhac (Qurac) tree is no different, like other trees in the region such as the ‘Galool’ and the ‘Mirimiri’ these trees offered the nomadic people shade from the harsh environment.

Although deforestation has reduced the number of these trees, they are still an ever present in the Somali landscape. Their branches are used to make various utensils, walking sticks, whips and they still provide the anchors for traditional Somali homes. Most importantly, these trees are a place of socialization, reconciliation, and fruitful discussion.

Just like the Qudhac tree, it is hoped that this website will serve as a ‘shade’ for discussions and reflections on a broad range of topics ranging from literature and religion to issues that affect the Somali diaspora.  



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